Exclusive Savings For Back-to-School: Gear Up For School

exclusive savings for back to school: gear up for school

Even as the dog days of August still lay in front of us, September, and the start of the school season will be here before you know it.

Whether you’re a parent looking to equip your kids for a successful academic year, a student preparing for college life, or a teacher seeking top-notch classroom tools, the time to start preparing is now.

Having the right supplies can set the tone for a successful school year, so knowing exactly what you’re going to need is key.

Knowing Your Needs

No matter if you’re a parent, a student, or a teacher there are certain items that are must haves.

Parents seek quality and value, students crave trendy and functional items, and teachers need reliable tools to educate and inspire.

We understand that each group has unique needs when it comes to back-to-school shopping.

We also understand that value and convenience rule your selections.

That’s why Plymouth Village Store has set up an online shopping experience, Village Outlet, to give you access to many of the BTS items you need, and the ability to get them shipped for free right to your door.

So, let’s take a look at 3 key items that all students need.

The first two will be for students still in elementary, middle and high school. The third is a must have for any student heading off to college.

Trio of Must-Haves

Though you can make a case for why a student (and maybe even a parent) of any age should have these first two items, these are top priorities for school aged kids.

So. let’s start out with our younger bunch.

School Aged Students

The first must-have on the list is a backpack.

Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t matter what grade your child is in, they need a way to easily carry all their stuff back and forth to school each day.

A sturdy, spacious backpack is every student’s best friend. Our premium nylon backpack combines style and functionality. It features multiple compartments for books, tech gadgets, and more.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors to suit every personality.

We know that sometimes those books can get heavy.

premium nylon backpacks

So this backpack’s ergonomic design ensures comfort during long school days, and extracurricular activities.

But the ergonomic design doesn’t end there, because your child’s comfort is at the forefront of the design of this backpack. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you and your child can adjust things for the perfect fit.

Every parent knows that a backpack has to be built to last. This nylon backpack’s durable construction ensures long-lasting use, water-resistant material keeps belongings safe from unexpected rain showers.

Between now & September 5, 2023 you can enjoy 25% off when you use code BTS at purchase

To show you how much we value you, when you purchase this backpack, at checkout you will be offered the next item on our list, the set of gel pens, for 30% OFF the retail price.

This offer will only be presented to you when you add the backpack to your cart.

The next must-have on the list is a high quality set of get pens.

Gel pens can have so many uses. Having a selection of gel pens with over 100 colors is the perfect item for any of the school projects that will be due this coming school year.

pack of 100 neon gel pens

But, let’s be honest, gel pens are fun to use outside of school.

And, this set of gel pens will elevate your child’s writing experience. They’re perfect for taking notes, doodling, or adding a creative touch to assignments.

This set of gel pens not only has an array of vibrant colors, they offer smooth and consistent ink flow. They are quick-drying, and smudge-resistant to prevent messy accidents.

The comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue during extensive writing sessions, and of course, the bold colors enhance visual appeal.

Between now & September 5, 2023 you can enjoy 25% off when you use code BTS at purchase

But we understand that your kids need a place to do their homework, so when you buy this set of gel pens, you will receive an offer that will astound you.

When you add your gel pens to your cart, you are able to buy our wooden home office desk at 30% OFF.

For those of you that have kids heading off to college, this next item will be perfect for their college dorm.

College Students

For generations heading off to college has been a right of passage for many. But while every student’s college adventure is different, what they need to make the experience a little bit easier remains the same.

Making college affordable is difficult. Many students have to work long hours on top of going to classes for what seems like hours on end.

So being able to keep expenses low can be very important. Having meals and drinks available when money is tight is important.

stainless steel mini fridge

Say hello to dorm life convenience with our compact and energy-efficient mini fridge. Ideal for storing snacks, beverages, and even leftovers, this fridge will be your go-to appliance in the limited space of a dorm room.

Now, I know what some parents are saying right now… I could use that mini fridge. And you’re right. There are so many places that this mini fridge can work for you.

This fridge will fit perfectly in your office, garage, covered patio, man cave… just about anywhere.

Its compact size fits seamlessly in small spaces, adjustable temperature settings cater to your cooling needs, and energy efficiency ensures cost-effectiveness.

Between now & September 5, 2023 you can enjoy 25% off when you use code BTS at purchase

To make the dorm room experience just a little bit better, when you add the mini fridge to your cart, you’ll be given another special offer. You’ll be able to save 30% on our king sized, ultra soft, down alternative pillow.

Ready, Set, School

As the new school year beckons, the time has come to gear up with the best supplies and face it head-on.

From durable backpacks and vibrant gel pens for students, to compact dorm fridges for college-goers, Village Outlet is proud to offer the patrons of Plymouth Village Store top-quality essentials to suit every need.

And did we mention that everything ships free, direct to your door?

We’re here to help make your back-to-school shopping easy and enjoyable.

Let’s make this school year the best one yet!

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