The Scoop on National Ice Cream Month

Scoop on National Ice Cream Month

As the warm sun casts its golden glow over the summer, there’s no better way to beat the heat and indulge in a cool, creamy delight than savoring a scoop.. or two… of ice cream.

July is a special month for ice cream lovers.


Because July, also known as Ice Cream Month, invites us to celebrate this beloved frozen treat that brings joy to our taste buds and a smile to our faces.

Sweet History of Ice Cream Month

The delightful tradition of Ice Cream Month originated in the United States when President Ronald Reagan designated July as such in 1984. He also designated the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

It was a gesture to recognize the nation’s love affair with this iconic dessert. Since then, Ice Cream Month has become an annual celebration, honoring the sweet indulgence that brings us together during the summer season and gives us all an excuse to indulge in our favorite flavors of ice cream.

Fun Ice Cream Facts

What would any celebration be without being able to share something fun… so, here are a few fun facts about ice cream…

  • Did you know that the earliest recorded recipe for ice cream dates back to the 4th century BC?

Ancient Persians enjoyed a chilled treat made from snow and flavored with fruit juices.

  • In the 17th century, ice cream gained popularity in Europe when Catherine de’ Medici introduced it to the French court.
  • Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s founding fathers, was known for his love of ice cream. He even recorded a recipe for vanilla ice cream in his own handwriting.

Ice Cream Indulgence

There are many ways to enjoy your favorite ice cream during National Ice Cream Month.

Whether you’re having a scoop, or two, at home or visiting your local ice cream shop, there’s no shortage of delicious options.

For those looking for something extra special, you can find some of your favorite flavors at Plymouth Village Store.

Known for our nostalgic charm and commitment to quality, we offer a delectable array of ice cream options that will leave you with too many choices.

Whether you prefer classic flavors like rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, or refreshing mint chip, or some other adventurous flavor, Plymouth Village Store has you covered.

Plymouth Village Store is more than just a place to grab your favorite frozen treats, it’s a community hub where families gather to create lasting memories. The warm and welcoming atmosphere ensures that every visit to the store is filled with laughter, smiles, and shared moments of delight.

PVS Your Ice Cream Hub

July, the Month of Ice Cream Delights, is a time to celebrate the sheer pleasure of indulging in this timeless treat.

Whether you’re enjoying your favorite flavor on the run or at home, you’ll find your favorites at Plymouth Village Store.

So, gather your loved ones, head to the store, and embrace the sweet bliss that Ice Cream Month brings.

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